About Us

With disruptive innovation and a revolution in the culture and expectations of the workforce, organizations are undergoing change that is transformative in its scope and implications for leaders. TransformLeaders.ca combines the expertise of leadership training consultants, Barry McLoughlin and Laura Peck of McLoughlin Media, and corporate branding and communications experts Al Albania and John Westbrook of Acart Communications, to help executives – in the public, private, and non-profit sectors – adjust for change and lead teams to success.

The Partners

BARRY J. McLOUGHLIN has over three decades of experience as a leadership trainer, communications consultant, and educational program designer. Read more.

LAURA PECK has been conducting seminars and coaching CEOs, Deputy Ministers, Ministers, and C-Suite executives in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for over 30 years. Read more.

AL ALBANIA has been a strategic advisor for some of Canada’s largest companies, associations, Crown Corporations, and government departments. Read more.

JOHN WESTBROOK brings over 25 years of strategic marketing experience to our clients, advising and overseeing the direction and strategy for campaigns and communications. Read more.